42-year-old Nasik farmer cultivates yellow, purple cauliflower

February 24, 2021 Gubba Seed In E News

The 42-year-old farmer from Nasik purchased newly developed seeds tested at a Karnal farm in Haryana. His approximate earning after the sale of these colourful cauliflowers is pegged at Rs 16 lakh.About 70 days ago, the farmer from Nasik purchased newly developed seeds that have been tested at the Karnal farm in Haryana. The unique seeds have been developed by Syngenta India Ltd in Pune. He has purchased these seeds for nearly Rs 40,000. The specially designed cauliflower seeds were sowed in 30 guntas at Mahindra Nikam’s five-acre farm at Dabhadi village in Nasik’s Malegaon Taluka.
Mahindra was overjoyed to share that as of date, his farm is having 20,000 kg of purple and yellow cauliflowers. Mahindra Nikam has spent approximately Rs 2 lakh for seeds, irrigation, fertilizers and farm labour.
As of now, Mahindra Nikam is the only farmer in the state who has these specially developed cauliflowers and his standing crop is ready for harvesting. His approximate earning after the sale of these colorful cauliflowers is estimated to approximately Rs 16 lakh, ie, Rs 80 per kg.
Protected Crops Specialist Shirish Shinde, who represents Syngenta India Ltd, told India Today TV that various experiments have been carried out to invent the coloured cauliflower seeds. These experiments have been carried out in Switzerland and the US.
Later, the small cauliflower seedlings were multiplied in large numbers at the Karnal testing farm in Haryana. Once the experiments got the desired results, these hybrid seeds were sold to few farmers in the country.
Mahindra Nikam is one such lucky farmer who got his hands on the unique seeds. The nutrient value of this hybrid cauliflower is very high. The Anthocyanins content gives anti-bacterial and anti-cancer protection quality to the hybrid cauliflower. Vitamin A content is also at a higher range as compared to the normal conventional cauliflower. Vitamin A is said to be beneficial for eyesight, protection from flu and for skin career.
Shirish Shinde of Syngenta assured that the Karnal farm has enough seeds to be able to supply to cauliflower cultivating farmers which will be made available by September 2021.

Source : indiatoday

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