5 Incredible Benefits of Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) in Cold Storage Facilities

5 Incredible Benefits of Utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) in Cold Storage Facilities

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Cold Storage is a facility in which a wide range of products like vegetables, fruits, meat, seeds and pharmaceuticals are store in a low temperature environment for proper preservation and quality maintenance. Cold storage a very important part in the cold chain process as it can store the products for long time before usage. If production is the parameter for measuring economic growth, then storage is the backbone. Therefore, monitoring and assuring that the products are intact, both in terms of quality and shelf life, is very important.

Although India has 7645 cold storage facilities, over 68% of the facilities are only used to store potato and 32% others store multiple commodities. While the need to expand is to bet met soon, the requirement of skilled maintenance and effective management can be handled by the wonders of the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). IoT can make smart real-time monitoring possible with a device which can be used to improvise infrastructure facilities, thereby providing a smart solution for efficient maintenance and management.

Benefits of Internet of Things:-

Here are the top 5 benefits cold storages can gain from utilizing Internet of Things:

(1)It provides endless real-time monitoring:-
The IoT-enabled device will provide real-time monitoring that is not restricted by time. All the updates will be documented and communicated to ensure that the right steps will be taken at the right time.

(2)Helps in maximizing profits:-
The fundamental outcome of real-time monitoring is predictive analysis, which further leads to reduction in the operational cost of maintenance and an increase in profits. Moreover, timely updates on power failure or heat leaks will lead to an increase in profits in the long run.

(3)It makes cold storage management easy:-
Effectively managing a cold storage is not just expensive but also cumbersome. Temperature fluctuation is a major concern for management but with IoT constant monitoring on power usage, broken switches and temperature change, management becomes very easy.

(4)It provides remote accessibility:-
The best part of modern technology is that it enables remote access. With IoT any and all updates on the storage process can be accessed on-the-go. Therefore, the management is connected to the processes anywhere they go.

(5).It assures smarter maintenance:-
This is the era of smart phones and smart technologies. Technologies like fitness trackers have now reached places we could never imagine. If IoT is used in cold storage, it removes the need to visit the cold room to monitor the process, because remote access can provide the needed information anywhere and anytime.

In addition to this, by removing the human factor from cold room monitoring, IoT also helps save time, curtail errors and reduces the need to open the storage area at all, which further reduces the chances of heat leaks and rodent infestation. We, at Gubba are exploring the plethora of solution that the Internet of Things has to offer to provide effective Pharma, food and seed cold storage solutions to our clients.

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