Advanta’s Red Okra Hybrid, Kumkum, Increases Farmer Profits

August 18, 2021 Gubba Seed In E News

The Hybrid Crop That Increased Indian Farmers’ Profits By More Than 25%
In 2020, Advanta launched a new hybrid seed in the Indian market. The farmers who took on this innovative new crop went on to see profits of more than 20-25% compared to the traditional crop. This was the hybrid of the number one vegetable crop in India that grows over a massive 0.53 million hectares of land in the country – okra. Here’s everything you need to know about the success of our red okra hybrid, Kumkum.
Nutritional Benefits: Okra vs Red Okra
Okra, commonly known as bhindi in India, is a highly nutritious crop that is a popular part of the Indian diet. With the growing focus on eating healthier and increasing consumption of nutritious fruits and vegetables, there is a need for crops that can provide more nutrients with less quantity. Red okra varieties are one such variety of okra that is higher in nutrients than green okra. Advanta’s Kumkum seeds result in vegetables that have the following nutritional benefits:
Iron: Iron is an essential component of red blood cells, haemoglobin, and it is also required for physical and neurological health. While the normal green okra is high in iron, our red okra hybrid is even higher with 0.56 mg/100 gm.
Sodium: The red okra hybrid has 7.95 mg/100 gm sodium, which is an essential nutrient that helps control blood pressure.
Protein: Protein is an important part of the diet since it helps the body repair cells and make new ones. For vegetarian and vegan diets, getting the highest amount of protein from vegetables is vital. Kumkum can provide 2.36% of the daily protein requirement, compared to 2.25% of green okra.
Fibre: Fibre is required for the healthy functioning of the digestive system. Kumkum also offers a high fibre intake with 4.27% of the daily requirement.
For those concerned about the aesthetic appeal of red okra, it is also not a concern as it turns green after cooking.
Farmer Benefits: Okra vs Red Okra
Compared to traditional crops that have limited nutrients, hybrid varieties can not only provide increased nutrition that benefits those who consume them but also those who grow them. Okra hybrid varieties in India are also in big demand with a potential of 2200 tonnes. With Advanta okra seeds being one of the most popular okra seeds among farmers in the country, we launched our new red okra seeds in India exclusively. The end result was a massive success. The farmers saw a high ROI, with the Kumkum seeds providing 20-25% more returns compared to regular okra. The attractive red colour of the produce turned out to be sought-after in the fresh produce marketplace, both for its novelty and its increased nutritive value.
Through Advanta, UPL brings the highest-quality seeds to markets across the world. Kumkum is just one of our many success stories as we are constantly innovating to create new crops that offer increased value. While Advanta’s red okra seeds in India will continue to remain available they will also soon be expanding to other regions due to their appeal among both farmers and consumers. Advanta’s Kumkum seeds will be launched in select African markets by 2022 and we hope to see similar success.

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