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February 17, 2021 Seed

What is Mulch?
Mulch means “Covering of Soil” and Mulching is the process of covering the soil to make conditions favorable for plant growth, development and to increase crop yield.
Mulching is used in agriculture to keep the soil covered and healthy during and after the crop season. The soil between plants is covered with a mulch layer to keep the roots and bulbs of the crop cool in summer
and warm in the winter.
Types of Mulching

  1. Organic Mulching : Using organic materials such as by-products and crop residue.
  2. Non-Organic(Plastic) Mulching : Using a plastic Mulching Sheet.

Mulch Film & Mats help to
● Control weeds.
● Retain moisture.
● Improve soil & prevent soil erosion.
● Repels insects.
● Increase in Yield & enables early crop harvesting.
What is the Mulching Sheet?
Mulch films or mulching sheets are made of a material that is thick enough to stop water loss from the soil while getting aeration and needed sunlight into the soil. Mulch sheets use pigments to be stable on exposure to high solar radiation. Mulch sheets require proper light and thermal stabilizers and some level of chemical resistance so they can be used to modify soil temperature, limit weed growth, prevent moisture loss, and improve precocity.

How to Choose Mulching Sheet

Area : Mulching Sheets are used for growing food and vegetable crops over extensive areas and
therefore need to be extensible according to the area of the fields and acre coverage.

Durability : Mulch films need to protect against solar radiations, agrochemicals, and chemical
pesticides and therefore durability is a very important factor to choose good Mulch films.

Color : The color of mulch films improves the properties of mulching for some applications.
Therefore depending on the crop and farming requirements, mulch films can be chosen.

Biodegradability : if mulch sheets are biobased and completely biodegradable, it can be easy for the farmer to plow directly after harvest and not have to spend time and money laboriously collecting the mulch films after every harvest. If not the mulch sheets should be reusable or recyclable

IDEAL Mulch Films & Mulch Mats are made from the Virgin Raw Material of various Polymers. The Films & Mats can be utilized for greater cost-effectiveness by reducing the amount of plastic mulch needed per acre, without compromising on strength and longevity. True to its name the products carve to be the most best-suited products in their respective categories.

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