Amul Launches Camel Milk Ice Cream and Milk Powder with Longer Shelf Life

October 28, 2020 Frozen

Amul the Indian originated company who have its dairy business flourished all over the nation as well as in many international markets too have now announced the launch of camel milk’s ice cream and milk powder.
Earlier Amul had already introduced the fresh camel milk, advertising mostly the cooling properties as well as the long life of the milk in to the Indian Dairy market.
R S Sodhi, managing director of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) in charge of the Brand marketing of Amul said recently that the milk powder made up of pure Kutch camel’s procured milk will have a shelf life of almost 8 months and that the entire nation would be able to taste the goodness of the camel milk.
Sodhi also added that the Gujarat camel milk have doubled after Amul had launched the other products of camel milk like the chocolates and the fresh camel milk in the market. He also claimed that this new launch would help the Kutch camel milk producers to not only extend the shelf life of the camel milk but also would fulfill the demand in the market with the help of Amul’s extended network of distribution.
PM Modi on September 2018 had also once narrated the importance and goodness of the camel’s milk in a gathering at Mogar’s Amul Dairy’s chocolate plant and also narrated how during his tenure as CM in Gujarat was once “scoffed at” while he was promoting the camel milk.
Gujarat at present is a home for around 1000 camel breeders belonging to various communities like Rabari, Fakirani Jat, Sama and Sodha whereas it is a home for approximately 30,000 camels of Kutchi and Kharai breeds.

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