Appetite for packaged foods grows during home stay

April 22, 2020 Frozen

Demand for cheese, noodles, frozen non-veg snacks, butter, rice, digestive biscuits, chocolates and lemon shot up 50-150% sequentially in the first three weeks of the lockdown in India, executives at companies and retail chains said.
While companies have to push through supply constraints to meet increased demand in these segments, sales of grooming products such as hair colour, make-up, shaving products and deodorants have dried up with people finding no need to do make-up or shave as they stayed at home.
“We are seeing increased traction for chocolates which are compensating as desserts and to manage kids at home, digestive biscuits since consumers are trying to manage weight and lemon-based products which are known to be high-efficacy immunity boosters as well as because of the lack of beverages’ availability,” said Devendra Chawla, the chief executive of Spencer’s Retail and Nature’s Basket. “Shaving and hair colour are down given that people are at home,” he said.
Dairy major Amul had seen a 30-40% increase in sales of butter, cheese and tetrapak milk, while sales of digestive biscuit brand McVities were up 100%.
‘Shift Towards Healthier Options’
“Sales in general trade have doubled for digestives and some adjacent categories such as marie. People are moving towards healthier options and portion packs which can be stored for longer period,” said McVities maker Pladis’ president, Abhishek Sharma.

Source : economictimes.indiatimes

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