BioAsia 2023: Five startups awarded for most innovative, futuristic products and services

Among 75 startups shortlisted from across the world, five, including two from Telangana, were selected for cash awards at the BioAsia 2023. A 12-member jury comprising experts from diverse fields selected the five startups for most innovative and futuristic products and services.
Exobot Dynamics Private Limited – Exobot develops bionic limbs, exoskeletons, and assistive devices to improve health and performance of people with disabilities, diseased, and able-bodied individuals.
Lambdagen Therapeutics – Lambdagen Therapeutics Singapore in collaboration with The University of MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA aims to develop personalized brain tumor myeloid cell-based cancer vaccine with LambdaGen’s proprietary non-viral genome engineering technology pipelines.
Pratibha Healthkon – a health and medtech start-up from Telangana, which has positioned itself as a leading solutions provider and open innovation partner to corporations in the primary health space that provide workflow for managing population screening and taking the individual through the care continuum from within the community to the PHCs.
Ramja Genosensor – Ramja is world’s first paper-based device that can detect any infection and antimicrobial resistance in just 90 minutes.
SatyaRX Pharma Innovations Private Limited – a Telangana-based drug discovery company focused on discovery and development of novel drugs for cancers. The company is focused on the global markets for its cancer drugs and has developed specific expertise in the DNA damage response pathway.
Source: Telanganatoday

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