Biogas units enable saving for small farmers

November 17, 2021 Gubba Seed In E News

In partnership, S M Sehgal Foundation and Cairn Foundation have established two biogas units under Barmer Unnati Project that has benefited two stakeholders: Mr Tejaram, Bhedana village, block Gudamalani, and Mr Kesharam in village Deshantrinadi, block Gudamalani, district Barmer, Rajasthan. Both selected stakeholders are small farmers covered under the BPL category.
The capacity of the biogas units is 2 cubic meters. These biogas units support the anaerobic digestion technique, providing a facility to generate manure (slurry) and energy (gas). Biogas slurry, if used with vermicompost, is rich in macro and micronutrients that provide essential nutrients to the crop, reducing the use of fertilizers and providing an eco-friendly option to increase productivity and soil health.
Stakeholders can use biogas produced from the units for around five hours a day, which is sufficient for preparing meals and tea twice in a day. Only 25 kilograms of cow dung is required per day to load each biogas unit. This initiative has reduced dependence on firewood and LPG, saving around Rs 1,200 per month.

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