Covid-19: Govt to expedite process of recognition of Biological E Corbevax

The government plans to expedite the process of recognition ofCOVID-19 vaccine Corbevax by other countries while its manufacturer Biological E pursues WHO’s emergency use listing for the jab being administered in India among the 12-14 years age group.
According to an internal document circulated to the members of the Empowered Group-5 on COVID-19 Vaccination, which will be meeting soon, some authorities abroad such as in Hong Kong have begun demanding vaccination certificates for children and only accept m-RNA based vaccines for them.
“It is necessary to quickly initiate the process of recognition of the Corbevax vaccine and its certificate by other countries while Biological E continues to pursue WHO’s EUL (emergency use listing ) for it,” the document mentioned.
It highlighted that the recent development pertaining to the World Health Organizations’ (WHO) suspension of Covaxin supply through UN procurement agencies further complicates the matter and is detrimental to the acceptance of Covaxin-based vaccination certificates for children by other countries.
The issues to be discussed by the Empowered Group-5 pertains to m-RNA based booster dose requirements by countries, suspension of supply of Covaxin by the WHO, acceptance of Corbevax and Covaxin based vaccination certificates for children and international travel by Indians vaccinated with Sputnik-V.
Sources said the internal document circulated to members of the Empowered Group-5 comprehensively looks at all issues related to vaccines.
They said that selective highlighting of certain parts from the note could portray an incorrect picture as the document lists several issues in a factual manner for consideration of the empowered group and does not indicate the Ministry of External Affairs’ position or comment on any issue under consideration.
Source: TimesOfIndia

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