Debunking 4 Popular Myths on Frozen Food

Debunking 4 Popular Myths on Frozen Food

September 26, 2019 All

Frozen food, especially frozen processed food generally have a bad reputation because people have some misconceptions that frozen food are loaded with harmful preservatives. This often makes us feel guilty that we do not spare some time for to prepare and cook fresh meals every day. In this blog post, we are going to debunk 4 such myths that people have about our beloved frozen foods.


  • They aren’t as nutritious as fresh foods: This is the most common misconception people have about frozen food. According to experts though, frozen fruits and vegetables are actually more nutritious than fresh foods, because they are generally picked right when they are ripe. When stored in cold storage, the nutritional value is locked inside and it does not degrade until you take it out for consumption.
  • It is costlier: If you are a canny shopper, then frozen foods will not be much pricey for you. Yes, ready-to-cook meals may be a little costlier than your regular vegetables but will be cheaper that what you spend on eating outside for the whole family. As prices for off-season foods increase, filling your fridge with the frozen versions can be very beneficial. The advice for households would be to have two freezers to effectively stack up the essentials. Large size caterers can benefit from storing the food in cold storage.
  • Freezing food kills bacteria: It would be very good if it was true, but sadly freezing food doesn’t kill bacteria, it just makes them inactive. This is because bacteria have the ability to survive in extreme cold temperatures and when the food is taken out for consumption, the bacteria will still be there. That is the reason that why it is widely recommended to cook the frozen food thoroughly and at the right temperature before eating.

With all these misconceptions busted, I hope that you are convinced to go for the freezer aisle on your next trip to the shopping centre. Just make sure to read the labels correctly, store it properly and to frost it well.

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