Eastern Indian market becomes the next marked centre for ITC dairy products

October 15, 2020 Frozen

ITC Company’s COO, Sanjay Singhal announced the idea of expanding the branch of the dairy products more in to the eastern states of the nation. At present, Bihar and West Bengal were the only two states having the ITC dairy products available in the market.
On Thursday, on an online conference Singhal shared the news stating the dairy business had got huge positive response in both the states. In West Bengal, the market share value of the Company’s dairy industry have reached potential heights in just 2 years, which made the excitement of the company to serve the consumers in the eastern regions more vivid.
The company already had the dairy products available at the online platforms like Amazon, flip kart etc. as well as their own franchise stores.
This year, the company focuses on expanding the network and providing the eastern food market with various kinds of dairy products. Till now the company produced a limited range of dairy products and therefore, the company claimed that they would try to extend the range too of their dairy industry.
He also added that the whole dairy business idea came as India has been the greatest producer and consumer of milk and it’s by products. The new trend of serving milk in pouches has made the dairy industry flourish more. In addition to the news the COO also confirmed that the company had already invested in the cold chain method from source to production houses in order to maintain a better quality of the dairy products.

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