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SOMANI SEEDZ Hy carrot Red Queen – sowing on 10th Dec 2021 and harvested on 20th April 2022. These carrot roots were stored in Sikandrabad, UP cold store on 20th April 2022, we took observations yesterday on 22nd Jun 2022. Carrot roots are as good as freshly harvested. As per Col Deshwal and Mr Yadav who is having more than 15 years experience in storing carrot roots says that these carrot roots can be stored for another four months , Farmers can earn good profit from this Hy Carrot Red Queen and supply in off season and earn extra money. Consumers can get Deshi Red type carrot to eat in off season of Jun, July and Aug. hotel people can use for Biryani and Halva. This can be sown same time of Nantes & Kuroda. This has been tried in OOty in Rainy season as well as in winter season. Red Carrot ( Deshi Red ) sowing time is only of two months in North India. Sep & Oct. It can be stored only max three to four weeks.
We developed hybrid with sowing window of five months sept to Jan end and storage life of four months + it means farmers can earn more profits by supplying Red Carrot in off season of May , Jun , July , Aug and even up to mid sept.
Further Deshi Red Carrot can’t be cultivated in south India & Ooty. This can be cultivated there also.
Trials are going in Middle East countries and soon we will have results on these trials by Dec 22 end.
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