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Commercial and Foundation Seed

The science of seed preservation at Gubba Seed Cold Storage began in 1998. The learning began from a meagre storage volume of 2000 tonnes of maize by maintaining the temperature and humidity.the first de-humidified commercial seed cold storage in India. Today, we understand that the life  of the seed is based on a criteria of physiological and atmospheric conditions. And, Gubba strives to do every bit to retain the germination viability of the seed. Because…klhkllklklknnkn,kn,kn,kn,kbn,nb,bn,b,b,jbj,bjmbjkbjkbjhvhjvhjvhjvhjvhjchjchjcjhcjhcjcjcjcjcjcjcjcjgcgc

“ Every Seed Matters “


Gubba has been in the preservation of seed since  1998. Catering to the preservation needs of more than 300 seed companies in India, virtually the entire seed industry. we have created world class seed cold storages. We preserve commercial seed, vegetable seed and foundation seed. Foundation seed is stored by more than 125 seed companies. The only trusted cold storage in the world to serve that number of companies for foundation seed.

Gubba is India’s first fully automated 1.5 ton jumbo bag rack supported and 2 tons block stacking world class cold storage facility way back from 2008.

Commercial Seed Storage Conditions

Temperature: 10 Deg C to 14 Deg C

RH: 40% to 50%

Foundation Seed Storage Conditions

Temperature: 10 Deg C to 14 Deg C

RH: 35% to 45%

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