How A Little Known Frozen food Startup from Hyderabad is making lockdown cooking easier for people

June 2, 2021 Gubba Frozen In E News

Frozen food sales across the world have registered a strong growth since the beginning of the pandemic. With people working from home and the disappearance of boundaries between office and home; with reduced access to eating and ordering out from restaurants and people being forced to eat at home, speed (of cooking) is the essence during these times.
Ready to eat and ready to cook foods have been an answer to this during the lockdown. A Hyderabad based food startup, Gourmet Craft Foods, introduced their range of frozen stuffed parathas during the pandemic which have been proving to be an easy and clean meal option for people. Traditionally, there has been a stigma attached to frozen food in India. But, Gourmet Craft Foods is a new age brand that aligns with the modern customer’s demands for clean and good food that is free from preservatives and not packed with artificial chemicals or added sugars.

Gourmet Craft’s stuffed parathas are available in four variant; aloo paratha, jalapeño cheese paratha, Achari paneer paratha and chicken kheema paratha. The parathas are made with fresh and premium ingredients and are free from preservatives and artificial ingredients. The parathas are blast frozen to maintain their nutritional value and freshness. The company also offers momos and kebabs which making snacking not only easier, but cleaner and healthier too. They plan to introduce more products inspired by global cuisines and flavours that would make cooking hassle free for people. With consumers looking for food that is easily accessible, nutritious and made with wholesome ingredients, frozen food steps up as the perfect category to address those needs.
The Indian frozen food industry is projected to grow by 17 per cent annually during 2020-24 and industry experts predict that frozen foods would find more acceptance in India in the coming years and that the category will grow rapidly in the post-pandemic period.
Eating well can be an everyday struggle. And our busy lifestyles often make us pick convenience over wholesome food choices. Gourmet Craft as a brand strongly believes that eating should be an enjoyable experience for everyone and that their products are an effort to make it easier for all of us who love to eat , but for who time is a luxury.
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