How to Manage Cold Chain Effectively and Efficiently?

How to Manage Cold Chain Effectively and Efficiently?

January 2, 2020 All

In its simplest definition, cold chain is a system in which the specified low temperature for a product is maintained throughout the supply chain in an uninterrupted series. Temperature-controlled logistics and storage is crucial for a lot of products to maintain their shelf life and vigor. Cold chain is commonly observed for food commodities like fruits, vegetables, processed food, processed seafood and meat; pharma products like vaccines, insulin and blood plasma; and vegetable seeds.

Managing Cold Chain:-

Depending on the size of the shipment, any break in the temperature control can lead to huge amount of losses. Of course, growth and profit are at an immediate risk, but so too are product safety, brand integrity and quality. Product manufacturers can help mitigate these risks by adhering to the following agile cold chain best practices:

  • Choose the right experts : A lot of manufacturers fail to understand that there is a difference between supply chain experts and cold chain experts. A qualified cold chain expert is better able to understand all the variables and regulations that are relevant to the cold chain compared to a qualified supply chain expert.
  • Establish mutual expectations from the start : All the key stakeholders in the cold chain process should be involved from the start to define the requirements, roles and expectations in order to reduce risk. This helps in avoiding any confusion and delay during the cold chain process.
  • Develop operating standards :Temperature controlled logistics demand for establishing strict standard operating procedures (SOPs) and clear processes in order to reduce risks and remove any scope for gaps.

The cold chain process can prove to be very difficult, especially during storage. This is especially true for products that are to be stored for a long time before distribution. Care must be taken to protect the cold storage units from temperature leaks and rodent infestation. Cold chain management may be a complex process, but with the right partners can become easy. So, just choose the right partner and reap the profits.

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