If burgers and pizzas can become popular globally, why not idlis and dosas: PC Mustafa of iD Fresh Food

March 30, 2022 Gubba Food In E News

Last year in September, Bengaluru-based iD Fresh Food India Pvt. Ltd, known for its ready-to-cook offerings, was accused by a social media post of using animal extracts in its products. The company filed a police complaint against the “misleading and false information” with the cybercrime division of the Bengaluru police, and soon, the social media campaign against the brand fizzled out. Founder of the company, P.C. Musthafa, in an exclusive interview with Moneycontrol, says this was just one of the many battles he has had to face while building the company. Excerpts:
What were your thoughts when the social media crisis happened last year? What did you learn from it?
When the social media crisis happened, we realized that every crisis is an opportunity. All the customers, partners and employees supported us in this crisis. While some people tried to pull us down on social media, many others came forward to support us. The crisis taught us the importance of trust. We realized that we are a trustworthy brand that enabled all our stakeholders to rally around us.
The world has been fighting the pandemic over the last two years. Many businesses were badly hit. How was the period for iD Fresh Food, businesswise?
The pandemic has led to healthy cooking. People have become more health conscious. They are spending more time at home these days, utilizing work from home options. They are also experimenting a lot more with their cooking. We have almost doubled the revenues during this period.

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