Improved agricultural practices become profitable for Kamalamma

Improved agricultural practices become profitable for Kamalamma

August 3, 2022 Gubba Seed In E News, Seed

Forty-three-year-old V. Kamalamma lives with her husband. Her four daughters and one son are all married and live elsewhere. Kamalamma was provided with good-quality seeds of coriander and beans for growing in a half-acre of land, from the project. She had to pay 25 percent of the seed cost to the account of her Women Farmers Club, Chetla Narsampalle. As a member of WFC, she has learned how to prepare the solution of organic pesticide using waste decomposer and balanced use of pesticides. She participated in the exposure visit to Ankapur, Nizamabad. She said that such orientations helped her save money on chemical fertilizers. With the profit, she was able to repay the loan that she had taken for the land. Upon seeing the production of good-quality beans and coriander leaves in her field, other women farmers, including those who are not members of WFC, were motivated to cultivate similar varieties using Kamalamma’s practices.

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