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October 7, 2020 Seed

Okra, popularly known as Bhendi (Abelmoschous esculentus (L.) Moench is now number one vegetable crop being grown in Indian sub-continent. The crop is also getting popularity among the vegetable consumers across the globe. Apart from its high fibre content, Okra is good source of Vitamin A, B, C and rich in protein & minerals. In India, currently Okra is grown in 0.53 million hectares and have an annual production of approximately 7 million metric tonnes. The hybrid Okra market in India has reached to a remarkable potential of 2200 Tonnes with highest share of Advanta Seeds. Advanta has become #1 Okra seed company by delivering High Combined Virus Tolerant Hybrids with unique combination of plant type coupled with excellent fruit qualities.
Innovation is always key to drive the future. Following this philosophy Advanta has always look at new avenues for future with value added products. Continuing this mission, we have launched new red okra hybrid in India known as KUMKUM. Kumkum is rich in nutrient and act as a fortified okra in traditional market.
Incremental Nutritional Value of Kumkum over Green Okra
Ashok Jedhe (Business Head, Advanta VC Business) told regarding consumer response of Kumkum. Consumers have shown very good response to Kumkum in fresh produce markets. Farmers were getting 25-30% incremental price in the marketplace due to novelty as well as nutritional benefits of Kumkum. Farmers were happy about its moderate tolerance against YVMV & OLCV along with high yield of Kumkum. Incremental return on investment makes Kumkum an attractive value proposition for farmers and value chain partners.

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