IRRI launches new research partnership avenues – IRRI BIO-INNOVATION CENTER (IBC)

October 21, 2020 Seed

IRRI HQ at Philippines recently announced the launch of “IRRI Bio-Innovation Center” (IBC), inviting the public and private companies to rent the research facilities and collaborate on research projects to deliver the innovative products by fast-tracking the research efforts.
This center offers a membership based program that allows companies/institutes to leverage IRRI’s world class research facilities, scientists expertise and resources for the development of scaling up of their own products and services.
Partnership for Prosperity:
IRRI strongly believe in the partnership for research innovations to meet the global challenges of agriculture in general but Rice research in particular. Through IBC, it is opening other avenues of the research partnership. SDG # 17 is dedicated SDG for “partnership to achieve the goal”. Also, another SDG #9 which focuses on Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure – These are clear examples of how the UN consider the PPP model for research collaborations, innovation and quality product delivery on fast track research.

Advantages of IBC:
• Plug and play from day one
• No initial capital investments needed
• Ready to use research facilities
• Working with an experienced global scientific community
• Mentoring and coaching opportunities
• Global reach or connections
Research and Services support area are,
• Transgenic Research and Genome Editing
• Gene-bank Collaborations and Genetic Diversity research
• Breeding for High-Value Germplasm
• Nutrition and Grain quality
• Precision Agriculture and digital tools
• Climate change and agronomy support
• Mechanization, Technologies and Management systems
• High throughput Genotyping and Phenotyping
• Regulatory and Stewardship support
• Training and capability enhancements
• Rice Global network outreach support

Membership is considered based on the ‘first come first serve’ basis. Project Director and IRRI management have the final authority to accept for the research collaborations under IBC.
Research collaborations and service support areas details are provided in the attached IBC brochure.
IBC invites private and public-sector members to leverage IRRI’s technology platform and expertise, to fast track the development of your new products and services says Dr. Gururaj Guddappa Kulkarni, Director IRRI’s Bio-Innovation Center based at Global HQ Philippines.

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