Jeena & Company introduces J5 to enhance operational efficiency

Jeena & Company, is geared up to introduce J5 – a freight forwarding and customs clearance platform built on a completely new technology architecture.
To be rolled out module wise, the new technology architecture will be focused on streamlining resources and enhancing operational efficiency. Jeena & Company which has consistently integrated cutting-edge technology into its services, with the introduction of J5 (Jeena 5th generation) showcases a reflection of the company’s constant evolution and future-forward digital outlook.
The J5 platform is web-enabled, quick, user-friendly, and comes powered with the latest UI-UX design, making it a game-changer for the company. With dashboard-based working and intelligent reporting, J5 is designed to enhance the productivity of the workforce and make their tasks easier.
“At Jeena & Company, we believe that technology is the backbone of modern logistics and supply chains. By investing in our employees and leveraging the latest technologies, we are building a brighter future for Jeena and our trusted customers and partners. We believe that J5 is just the beginning of a long journey towards a more resourceful, customer-centric, and digitally-driven logistics industry.”
Source: Logisticsinsider

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