Kaveri University shall be a “Centre of Excellence” incorporating state of-the-art infrastructure of international standards. 

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Higher education plays an extremely important role in promoting human as well as societal wellbeing and in developing India as envisioned in its Constitution – a democratic, just, socially-conscious, cultured, and humane nation upholding liberty, equality, fraternity and justice for all. Agriculture in India is not an occupation; it is a way of life and social responsibility for many Indian populations.

In view of the aforesaid and in order to meet the requirement of agricultural sector, a research-intensive agricultural university is the need of the hour. Accordingly, Mr. G. Venkata Bhaskar Rao who is the promoter of Kaveri Seeds Company Limited (“Kaveri Seeds”), a leading agriculture company which is engaged in, and has contributed significantly in, research and development in the agricultural sector, proposed to establish a research-intensive private University, being “Kaveri University”, at Gowraram Village, Wargal Mandal, Siddipet District, Telangana for offering under-graduate, post-graduate, Ph.D. and Post-doctoral level academic programs and conducting multidisciplinary research in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture Engineering, Food Science & Technology, Community Science, AgriBusiness Management & Entrepreneurship, etc. It is envisaged that Kaveri University will initially offer programs in the areas of Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Agriculture Engineering & Technology, Food Science and Technology, AgriBusiness Management and will incorporate other disciplines as may be developed in due course such as Veterinary, Biotechnology, Social Sciences, Humanities etc. Kaveri University is envisaged to be a prestigious University in the state of Telangana and it shall be a “Centre of Excellence” incorporating state of-the-art infrastructure of international standards viz., virtual class rooms, learning theatres, seminar halls, research labs (biotechnology, natural resource management, crop protection, emerging technologies etc.), knowledge management centre, ICT lab, network services, hostels, sports infrastructure and best faculty to create outstanding human resource to be agroindustry leaders, the professionals serving farming community, with innovative bent of mind.

Name: Kaveri University

  • Headquarters of the University: Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Location of the University

Village: Gowraram, Mandal: Wargal, District: Siddipet, Telangana State – 502279

Aim of the University : To become a “Center of Excellence” comparable to the best in the world for Agriculture, Horticulture, Agriculture Engineering & Technology, Food Science and Technology, Agri-Business Management with Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Media, Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences and other Professional Programmes.
Vision of the University : To become an institution playing a significant global role in research, development, innovation, advancement and dissemination of knowledge in agricultural science, technology, humanities and social sciences, where:(a) students are motivated to attain their true potential; (b) faculty achieves excellence in pedagogy and contemporary frontiers of research; (c) extension staff attain excellence in providing services to farming community ;and (d) alumni strive to achieve global leadership.

Mission of the University

  1. Generating new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge agricultural research;
  2. Creating a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship;
  3. Undertaking collaborative projects with academia and industry;
  4. Developing the human intellectual capital to its fullest potential; and
  5. Becoming an internationally renowned university and research organisation in the field of agriculture, healthy nutrition and quality of life.

Objectives of the University: The Kaveri University shall disseminate and advance knowledge and skills by providing instructional, research and extension facilities in such branches of learning as it may deem fit, and the Kaveri University shall endeavour to provide to students and teachers the necessary environment and facilities for the promotion of:

  1. Innovations in agricultural education leading to regular curricular revision/upgradation, restructuring of courses, new methods of teaching, training and learning including on-line and blended learning, continuing education and such other methods, and integrated & wholesome development of students’ personality;
  2. Study and Research in various disciplines of agriculture and allied sectors;
  3. Inter-disciplinary studies and translational research; and
  4. National integration, secularism, social equity, engineering of international understanding and ethics.

Further, the objective of Kaveri University is: To attract best of the best student. The best student input is very much essential to generate quality industry relevant professionals who shall be the future leaders of industry in India and overseas; To attract high quality faculty from within India and overseas; To establish closer linkages with other teaching- and research-intensive universities, national and international technical institutes and research organizations, and enable (a) vertical/horizontal mobility of students from the Kaveri University to other universities and vice-versa and (b) collaborative R&D projects with agro-industry; To stand out as an autonomous and research-intensive University with strong agroindustry likages.
The Proposed University – Academics
The Kaveri University will be established as per the norms of National Educational Policy 2020 as a “Multidisciplinary Education and Research University” with focus on world class research and high-quality teaching across all agricultural and allied disciplines, basic sciences, social sciences, and languages. The Sponsoring Body aims to provide world-class educational training and skills to students based on curricula advocated by the Professional Standard Setting Body (PSSB) – Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) combining with international agricultural education standards and translational research approach in consultation with academia and industry experts.
The Kaveri University aims to establish colleges that impart holistic education to a student population of around 7,500+ students at peak capacity, offering both undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate and post-doctoral programs in diverse streams of education that broadly include Agriculture, Horticulture, Veterinary, AgriBusiness Management, Agriculture Engineering & Technology, Food Science & Technology, Community Science, Basic sciences, Humanities & Social science etc (Fig. 1).

These colleges will be supported by specialized “Centres of Excellence” for advanced student research, education and skill training (Fig. 2). 

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