Launch of Star product Hot pepper ‘Radha”

April 14, 2021 Gubba Seed In E News

Delighted to see the happiness in farmer’s face and glad to witness the performance of our newly launched hot pepper hybrid Radha in Gujarat.
Naginbhai Thakor from village Vehara, Taluka Borsad of Anand District of Gujarat called us up to share his joys on the performance of Radha. Our Sales team understood why Nagihbhai was so happy. Initially while our team was asking him to grow Radha he was bit hesitant as it’s a cash crop and he does not want to take much of risk. After lots of persuasion and showing the result that we are receiving across Gujarat and Rajasthan Naginbhai got convinced to grow hot pepper Radha. Time to time our team visited his crop to guide him on package of practices and to ensure that he gets the full potential yield. When the crop got at the fruiting stage Naginbhai joys knows no bound and he was so excited to see the crop and the yield.
“I am growing hot pepper for last 5 years and have not seen such a performance, good tolerance, good fruit size, colour and shape. I am also getting premium rate in the market and the agents at Mandi are waiting for my arrival of chillies. Also the red colour was good. This is really a good gift from Akshay seeds” said Naginbhai in our field day where almost 100 farmers, agents, distributors and dealers attended to see his crop.
Hot pepper – Radha
Sowing Season: – May – June (RJ/MP/MS)
Oct- Nov-(Gujrat)Strong erect open plant
Plant height- 80-90cm
Excellent fruit bearing
Attractive smooth shiny light green fruits
Av Fruit length-15-16cm
Fruit Girth-1.5-1.6cm
Pungency- Moderate
High Yield potential (Av per plant yield – 3-3.5 Kg)
Good tolerance to multivirus
Suitable for fresh green and long distance market
Suitable for Red harvest with good red colour and shelf life
Apart from Radha, we have many products for different segments in Chilies across the country both in green and red segment like Mahi, Apsara, ASHP 228, Akshay wonder, Hot line, Akshay 941, Akshay 472, Tejasvi, Diana, Sunny, ASHP 522, ASHP 368, ASHP 1079 etc.
Akshay seeds, a leading seed company engaged in extensive R&D, Production, and Processing & Marketing of hybrid and high quality vegetable seeds since 2008. An upcoming, innovation & technology driven, research focused company developed leading hybrids in vegetable seeds focusing to exceed the expectation of farmers. Using strong local and international gene pool coupled with global technology platform Akshay seeds committed to serve the needs of customers by bringing the best hybrids and services at their door steps. We believe in developing new generation products to help farmers to get more from less resource. We are already present across the country and our brands and products are appreciated by the farmers. We have grown our business manifold during last 5 years. We are proud to be awarded Indian Achievers’ Award 2020 for Emerging Company in Agriculture domain by Indian Achievers’ Forum.
We in India are at the crossroad of huge growth opportunities. Our potential is just adding up every day in Seeds business precisely in high value and good quality Vegetable Seeds. We at Akshay seeds aim at contributing our part in “Make India mission” and become one of the leading Global Indian seed companies. Farmers and consumers being at the center of our activities we believe in bringing the world class quality seeds at the door steps of the farmers. We believe in quality in whatever we are doing with a mission of beating the best and exceeding the expectation of the customers. Change in season and weather pattern are becoming new norm due to global warming. We are addressing this issue by developing the best suited products to mitigate the risk the farmers are facing due to this climate change. We do the business with full transparency, honesty and in most ethical ways keeping our basic core values intact. We believe in collaboration and cooperation to bring the best for the farmers by shaking hands with top notch innovation and technology driven Global Companies. We believe in bringing success to all our stakeholders including customers, employees and business partners.
The company has excellent Processing & Packing facilities at Aurangabad and Chikhali and follows efficient seed production technique & world class protocols to maintain high standard seed quality and purity. Our experienced marketing team in 18 states across the country is ready to give timely services to farmers as well as distributors.
Research & Development
Our R&D has been recognized and accredited by DSIR, New Delhi since 2017. We believe in developing new generation products with higher yield, better disease tolerance, wider adaptability and innovative agronomic traits to help farmers to get more from less resource.
Company has its own advanced R&D unit located at Chanakwadi, Aurangabad, Maharashtra. We have the stations also at Varanashi, Bengaluru, Guntur. We have unique, superior, and proprietary germplasm and intellectual properties which give us robust platform for growth of Akshay Seeds brands in vegetable seeds.
Based on sound platform of science, Innovation and technology Akshay seeds blends the superior local germplasm with accredited international genetic resources to deliver value added high quality hybrids and varieties to the farmers. We persistently use latest improved technologies to fast track product development process. Our product design philosophy aims at bringing superior products to mitigate the challenges faced by farmers due to climate change, seasonal fluctuation and onset of new diseases and pest. We commit to provide higher value added products after rigorous breeding, intensive product testing across various Agro-climatic zones and incorporating views and ideas of farmers, dealers and consumers.
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