“Listening to someone is the most precious gift you can give them”

May 12, 2021 All

Mr. Gubba Kiran, CEO, Gubba Cold Storage has been personally taking interest in serving back to the society through the platform of Landmark, an educational program and he has been serving since 14 years now.
In the month of April he spent 65 hours in a week in listening for and empowering people in what matters to them in their lives, giving them a new access and view of life through distinctions of Landmark to the participants. People walked out to a new world having power in their lives to deal the same life with more power. People actually forgave their loved ones which they were holding onto for many years and creating a new relationship that matter to them.
Mr. Gubba Kiran assists as a course supervisor at Landmark and supervised the landmark forum online through zoom virtual meeting.
“My life my life is not the same since I’ve done Landmark Forum 2007, in fact most of our managerial Team in Gubba have done Landmark Forum, Landmark distinctions and it’s education played a key role in Gubba’s growth in the last 10 years. The connect and oneness within the team is an outcome of Landmark education, which is priceless. A new comer in Gubba, acknowledges that Gubba culture is a Family culture & we attribute the outcome to Landmark. Blessed to have Landmark in our lives” – Gubba Kiran

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