Market-Driven Plant Breeding for Practicing Breeders

Salient Features of the book:
•First book on plant breeding in a market-driven environment
•Useful for aspiring and practicing plant breeders at various levels in public and private sectors
•Extra-ordinary source of information from goal-genesis to market-oriented product profiling to support effective plant breeding programs
•Contains ten chapters that systematically cover all necessary aspects of targeted breeding programs from germplasm enhancement to hybrid development using NBTs, product development, seed production and production research and regulatory issues.
•Delineates how different units of the crop improvement chain are interconnected. This can help the investors to understand the commercial plant breeding process and strengthen their confidence.
•The authors, who are vastly experienced and successful plant breeders, have consolidated their public and private sector experiences and practical knowledge into applied strategies
•A ‘must-have’ for all plant breeders working in private and public plant breeding programs.
•The book published by Springer under the aegis of ATPBR was released at the 5F Conference organized by ATPBR at Pune on 19 Jan 2023.
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•Can be a valuable reference for teaching university level commercial plant breeding courses.

A Copy of the book Market-Driven Plant Breeding for Practicing Breeders was presented to Dr. R. C. Agrawal Deputy Director General Education, ICAR. Dr Agrawal wrote in his face book post “The book focuses on plant breeding in a market driven seed business environment and seed value chain. Thanks to the authors and Congratulations to the team.”
Authors: Aparna Tiwari, Surinder K Tikoo, Sharan P. Angadi, Suresh B. Kadaru, Sadananda R. Ajanahalli, M. J. Vasudeva Rao
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