SeedWorks International Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to be a part of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA)

August 25, 2021 Gubba Seed In E News

SeedWorks International Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to be a part of the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture (GACSA), an inclusive, voluntary, and action-oriented multi-stakeholder platform on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA). SeedWorks is the first seed company that got membership in the entire Asian region and the first Non-government Entity in India to confer with the association.
GACSA’s vision is to improve food security, nutrition, and resilience in the face of climate change. It aims to catalyze and help create transformational partnerships to encourage actions that reflect an integrated approach to the three pillars of CSA. Recognizing the importance of empowering farmers, GACSA facilitates dialogue, knowledge exchange and partnerships through an open, diverse, and inclusive multi-stakeholder platform. GACSA aims to catalyze actions on enhancing agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries practices and systems that sustainably increase productivity, improve resilience and adaptation and reduce/sequester emissions.
At SeedWorks, we believe that the dynamic natural environment presents both opportunities and challenges to our business. We have developed blueprints to ensure the resilience of our business processes and operations to current and upcoming environmental risks. We acknowledge the challenges climate change poses for agriculture and the benefits we can tackle it.
We are continually working to reduce our environmental footprint and find innovative product solutions that benefit society. We encourage our growers and farmers to adopt climate-smart practices. Help them optimize inputs, minimize soil-based carbon emissions, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, build crop resilience to changing weather patterns, and adapt to climate change. We work with our stakeholders, transferring knowledge and achieving results on the ground.
At SeedWorks, we are helping farmers grow healthy and affordable food while taking care of the planet remains our focus. As an agriculture company, we work together to improve global food security by enabling millions of farmers to use available resources better. Our ambition is to be the most collaborative and trusted team in agriculture, providing innovative seeds solution to enhance the prosperity of farmers.
We seek new and more efficient ways to use resources, develop and deliver better products and services to farmers, and create value for our many stakeholders – including employees, the communities where they live, and society at large. Our seed solutions, combined with improved input technologies and better management practices, are strengthening agriculture against climate change’s causes and effects.
SeedWorks is continuously working to reduce environmental footprints. It has been a part of our core philosophy since its inception. We make sure to practice focused efforts to care for our environment across our business operations.

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