Monin India launches flagship ‘Experience Studio’ in Delhi

November 3, 2021 Gubba Frozen In E News

Georges MoninSAS, has launched its first exclusive ‘Experience Studio’ in India. The flagship facility spread across 3,500-square-foot is being inaugurated in The Dhan Mill, New Delhi. As part of its ‘Make in India’ commitment, the company also has plans to open many such centers across the country.  
The Experience Studio, also known as the ‘House of Innovation’, showcases experimentation with flavours and applications. Known the world over, the company prides itself with over 100 studios across the world, with each studio catering to every need of the local market in terms of flavours and applications. Germain Araud, managing director, Monin India Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are eager to expand in India. Once we have a well-established Studio, we do have plans to open more studios in other major cities across India. The Studio will act as a catalyst to exchange creative ideas and discover new applications catering to the Indian palette and bring together stakeholders of the beverage industry.” This new development comes after the company opened its wholly owned subsidiary in Hyderabad. With a 40-acre manufacturing site, the company also has an exclusive in-house research and development centre in Hyderabad that researches on the Indian palette. The research and development centre will develop new flavours and product categories, adding to its existing range of popular flavours. With more than a hundred partners across its distribution network, it is now looking at strengthening its presence in the country. The company also has a 30 plus member ‘sales and beverage innovation’ team of hospitality professionals who work with clients across India to help them develop creative beverage and culinary solutions.  
The company comes with more than a century of artisanal beverage know-how, and helps Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars devise unique menus and applications. Entry to the Experience Studio will be by invite-only, giving the clients a more holistic experience. The company plans to conduct several innovative, industry-related programs at the Studio. Visitors will have a chance to savour several beverage innovations, and partners can showcase their talent through personalised menu curation sessions. The studio will be a hub of learning and help clients with technical knowledge about the products, techniques of beverage presentation as well as suitable food pairings. Partners can also learn about the art of creating the best quality drinks while maintaining costs using high quality products. The clients will be a mix of food and beverage professionals and students, bartenders, baristas, and mixologists, among many others. Rohit Singhavajhala, marketing manager, Monin India Pvt. Ltd., said, “We plan to conduct masterclasses and new educational modules at the Studio. India has a very vibrant food and beverage industry with taste palettes changing every 100 kilometres. The Studio will be a testing centre where unique applications are launched- from the hot coffee in the morning to the frozen yogurts and dessert. The opening of this Studio is just the beginning of our ambitious plans.”

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