Need for cold storage facilities in the Indian pharmaceutical sector

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The life of a life-saving medicine can come to an end without a proper preservation. What role medicine plays for the human life, the same role is played by proper storage for a medicine. Cold chain services play a vital part of the supply chain in the healthcare industry, as they help the pharmaceutical companies in maintaining a continuous stock of drugs from both suppliers and distributors.


In the past, the pharmaceutical industry was not a big consumer of cold storage services, because a major part of the drugs at that time did not need to be stored in a temperature-controlled facility. It is only in the recent times, with the growing use of a new class of drugs called biologics, that there has been a growth in demand for pharma cold storage facilities.

Cold storage for pharmaceutical companies requires high-technology equipment that is capable of meeting the needs of different drugs. Manufactured drugs have in recent times evolved to contain higher value ingredients. Adversely, they have a shorter shelf life and more strict temperature requirements for storage. This has led to the increase in the need for temperature monitoring and control throughout the supply chain.

Current Scenario :

The Pharma cold storage market is currently an 85,878 crore industry. Furthermore, it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% by 2020. However, the overall cold storage market in India is highly disjointed with only 30 players in the organized sector and over 3,500 players in the unorganized sector. Moreover, India still faces wastage of 450 MMT each year, leading to huge amount of losses and a shortage in the overall generation capability.

We at Gubba understand the importance of the preservation of Pharma and biological drugs and are committed to ensuring that product integrity conditions for your drugs. Certified in WHO’s Good Distribution Practices (GDP), Gubba is efficiently equipped in hygiene and quality management in cold storages, making it an industry compliant Pharma cold storage provider. Gubba also boasts of several hi-tech features like temperature control, thermal tracking and also has a mobile app where you can access real-time information of your products.

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