New concept : Digital Microscopy for Quality Analysis and control of Seeds and Grains

October 28, 2020 Seed

Digital Microscopes are popular and proven for crystal clear magnified viewing of seed and grain samples in a second. Performing processes such as seed germination testing, TZ testing, variety identification and purity determination is as easy as it comes. Because of high magnification (from 1x to 660x), wide Field of view and real-time imaging, it is an ideal tool for high throughput, reliable and error-free seed purity testing & TZ testing. Advanced software features like Measurements, image comparison, On screen Ruler and Speck counter offers value additions in seed and grain analysis. The digital microscope´s built-in computer power enables saving images for documentation purpose. This technology also helps by relieving operators of unnecessary neck and shoulder pain through manual inspection, since magnified images are displayed on a monitor. The technology is proven by various known seed companies and testing labs worldwide, also in India.

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