Nova Dairy highlighting locally procured dairy products, launches campaign

Nova Dairy, the top dairy manufacturer in India, has launched its latest campaign, which encapsulates the spirit and calibre of domestically produced premium dairy products. It intends to evoke a strong sense of pride in the nation’s history while showing the company’s unwavering dedication to providing outstanding, locally produced dairy products.
The campaign showcases a variety of dairy goods that perfectly represent regional flavours. To minimise its carbon footprint and guarantee freshness, its dedication to the environment and sustainability has also enabled the business to save a sizable amount of money.
The business has been able to lessen its reliance on conventional energy sources and energy costs by using wind energy. Nova Dairy is leading the way for other dairy firms to follow by being a carbon-positive dairy company. Following this, it acknowledges the significance of this national occasion and seeks to enhance the celebrations with its selection of premium dairy products.
Kuldeep Saluja, managing director of Sterling Agro, said, “The dairy products we produce at Nova Dairy are not only of the finest quality but also serve as a symbol of our rich heritage. We are dedicated to delivering the freshest dairy products while assisting our farmers and celebrating the unity that distinguishes us as a nation, since we are a brand that is firmly ingrained in our local communities.”
Source: Fnbnews

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