Novartis’ Netflix moment? Big Pharma launches new on-demand video hub to boost digital engagement with doctors

Novartis is continuing its digital push under CEO Vas Narasimhan with a new Netflix-style approach to help connect with doctors and better learn what content resonates with them.
This new service, delivered by software company Evermed, works as tailored, education-based videos aimed specifically at rheumatologists and is known as PEAK (Personalized Education and Knowledge).
Personalized is key: The Swiss Big Pharma is looking to go beyond the traditional digital marketing foray, which includes webinars, email campaigns, doctor portals and generic medical YouTube videos, to this on-demand, tailored video/audio service. The content is created by Novartis with rheumatologists and other healthcare professionals to deliver what they see as the best video service for practicing rheumatologists in the field.
The service talks more than just meds, speaking on issues like clinical trial design, disparities in healthcare and so on—with, of course, Novartis’ rheumatology drug Cosentyx being a major reason why the pharma is appealing to rheumatologists.
The videos top out at 15 minutes but are generally short-form content at around three minutes long with a host of offerings: mini-docuseries, vignettes, podcasts and animation videos. There are already around 90 assets of these types available to use.
Source: Fiercepharma

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