Nu Genes Pearlmillet Hybrid Nu 441

September 30, 2020 Seed

Nu Genes Pearlmillet Hybrid Nu 441 . Nu genes Pvt Ltd which has been working on pearl millet (Bajra) research for the last 16 years has recently released a new high yielding, very tall (10-12 ft), stay-green, non-lodging pearl millet hybrid –“NU -441″ with long and compact ear head. Dr Raghupathi Reddy ,Director, said the hybrid is highly resistant to downy mildew and tolerant to other foliar diseases like blast and rust. The hybrid is in ” On-Farm-Trials” during the current (2020) kharif season and will be made available to the market in Kharif -2021.
PN Reddy,
Managing Director,
Nu Genes

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