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“I come from one of the richest families in Orissa, we were brought up in a world of our own. We were taught to act in a very sophisticated way right from our childhood. I was not even allowed to eat road side pani puri. Though I was thankful to be born here, I felt this privilege deprived me from a lot of exploration I wanted to do for the woman I wished to become. Our joint family didn’t really believe in the actual intention of education. We often grew up hearing, “Your father has earned enough for you to sit & chill at home”
I was not a fan of that concept. I wanted to earn my name as an individual. My mom had been my support all throughout, she showed me the path to being vocal for my own self. After intermediate, my admission was done in some local college for the sake of it & I just had to go give my exams when needed. But that’s not what I wanted, though I was late, I stood for myself, applied in a university in Bhubaneshwar for the passion I had for quality education. I had to literally fight a battle at home, answer not just my father but also all his 5 brothers. But I was clear about what I wanted from my life & was strong headed. After months of quarrelling, I finally pursued a determined life. Though, it was very hard for me to initially adjust living in a hostel, without A/C. I survived 1 year only by eating Maggie & Dal-Roti.
This episode became a turning point in my family, after me, every younger sibling started prioritizing their career & stood for their passion not being limited by boundaries.
After my education, I decided to do a job. In the 4 generations I know of my family, no one had ever done a job. During this phase too, I had to fight another battle but by now my family had accepted that I was unstoppable. Ever since college, I used to get Rs.10,000/- as my pocket money. When I got my first job, my salary was Rs.8,500 & my room rent was Rs.10,000/-
After 3 months of mentally working on my expenses, I decided that I will no longer take any money from home. I moved into a smaller house, cut down on my wants and became self-independent. From cars & to sharing autos – I experienced life, I learnt to value things. Getting out of my comfort zone is the best decision I’ve made in life.
Today, I am in Hyderabad, working for one of the most reputed company – Gubba Cold storage – living a new life in a new city…exploring myself again. For anyone reading this – no matter how much your family gives you, earning it always feels better. Take the chance!”
Garima Wadhwa – HR Manager

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