Particulate, impurity concerns trigger recalls for Viatris, Aurobindo generic medicines

Generic drugmakers Viatris and Aurobindo have initiated new product recalls, the FDA revealed this week.
Viatris is asking for the return of one lot of octreotide acetate injection because of the possible presence of glass particles. The recall was triggered by a customer complaint of particulate matter and is to the pharmacy and hospital level. There have been no subsequent reports of adverse events.
The lot was manufactured by Italfarmaco SpA and distributed in the United States between January and June of this year, carrying an expiration date of March 2024. The drug is packaged in cartons of ten 1 ml syringes, dispensing a 500 mcg/mL dose.
The drug helps control diarrhea and flushing episodes that occur with intestinal tumors. It also is used to reduce growth hormone levels in acromegaly patients.
Source: Fiercepharma

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