Polish Dairy Firm Converts to 100% Plant-Based as Interest in Dairy-Free Gathers Momentum in Poland

Polish Dairy Firm Converts to 100% Plant-Based as Interest in Dairy-Free Gathers Momentum in Poland

August 12, 2020 All

Polish dairy brand Jogurty Magda has announced it has made a full switch to producing plant-based yogurt. The family firm has been making dairy yogurts for two generations and now granddaughter Magda says, “I am also making yogurts now, but decided to continue our tradition in completely different, 100% plant-based direction”
Jogurty Magda began the switch in 2017 by introducing its coconut milk-based vegan yogurt called Planton, which was voted by Polish consumers as the country’s best plant-based yogurt in 2018.

We have witnessed other dairy companies introducing plant-based lines; Arla in Denmark, Elmhurst from the USA, Meadow Foods in the UK and Danone from The Netherlands are recent examples. Confidence is strong for the plant-based market. In 2019, sales of dairy alternatives in Poland increased by 26%, according to The Cattle Site. Plant-based living is growing in Poland; the increase is being driven by flexitarians as consumers make conscious choices to reduce their use of animal products.
gdaThe Cattle Site goes on to report that research from Mintel has evidenced that 20% of Poles started to perceive the plant-based diet as more attractive during the pandemic. At the same time, 54 %of Poles claim that plant products are better for the environment than meat or dairy products.

The brand Jogurty Magda (Magda Yoghurts) is being phased out and will be replaced by the name Magda Roślinna (Plant-based Magda) and will come with a new logo for products which can be found in most retail chains in the country.
Maciej Otrębski, Strategic Partnerships Manager at RoślinnieJemy, (an organization working to increase plant-based products in Poland) commented for NewsBreak.com: “The decision to focus fully on plant-based production is a bold step, which confirms not only the broad perspective of the Jogurty Magda’s team but also indicates the real commercial potential of the market of plant-based yoghurts, drinks or cheeses.”

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