Remilk to Build the World’s Largest Precision Fermentation Facility.

Remilk, a global leader in the development and production of animal-free dairy, announced it has received both regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Authority (SFA) and a “no questions letter” from the FDA.
Singapore, a global leader in alternative protein development and investment, is also one of the world’s leaders in adoption of alt-protein finished products. SFA’s approval opens the Singapore market to Remilk, enabling the company to sell its proprietary animal-free milk protein in the country.
Another milestone has been reached by the company as it received FDA’s “No Questions Letter”. The letter indicates the FDA accepted an expert panel’s unanimous conclusion that Remilk’s animal-free whey protein can be safely used in food products under its GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) standards. In 2022, the company declared its Self-Affirmed GRAS status in compliance with the FDA’s requirements, allowing it to begin sales of its protein in the US. The letter received serves as further acknowledgement of Remilk’s animal-free whey protein’s safety, and positions the company at the forefront of its industry.
Remilk’s animal-free protein is identical to cow-derived whey protein but produced without a single animal cell via precision fermentation. Unlike plant-based dairy alternatives, these proteins are bio-equivalent to their traditional counterparts and enable the production of dairy that is indistinguishable in taste and function from traditional dairy but without lactose, cholesterol, and hormones, and with a fraction of the environmental impact.
“Both SFA’s approval and the No Questions Letter we received from the FDA serve as further proof that our animal-free milk protein is bioidentical to its cow-derived counterpart and safe for consumption”, said Aviv Wolff, Remilk’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Humans have consumed milk proteins as a staple source of high-quality nutrition for millennia. Remilk’s animal-free protein maintains these great benefits, enabling us to reinvent dairy that is kinder, and significantly more sustainable. We take pride in these regulatory approvals and look forward to a continued global focus on unlocking the future of food”.
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