Savannah Seeds and ADAMA India Launch FullPage® Rice Cropping Solution for Paddy Farmers

Savannah Seeds and ADAMA India have launched FullPage® Rice Cropping Solution for paddy farmers. The cropping package solution promises to help farmers tackle the age-old problem of wild rice for Chhattisgarh growers. The program was attended by over 1,000 farmers from across the region at Bemetara.
The FullPage® Rice Cropping Solution will save farmers up to Rs 6,000 per acre and enhance their yields by 25-40%. It will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25-30%. This will be beneficial for farmers who use the Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) method for planting paddy across 60 lakh hectares cultivated in the state.
The FullPage® Rice Cropping Solution has two rice hybrids: Sava 134 and Sava 127, tailored to excel in key regions including Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh and catering to early to medium maturity segments. The package also includes ADAMA’s Vezir® herbicide that controls weeds like weedy/red/feral rice and barnyard grass in Imazethapyr-tolerant hybrid rice. It helps farmers control broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weeds.
The Cropping Solution brings together SmartRice® genetics, SQUAD™ seed treatment, herbicide tolerance trait, and ADAMA’s Vezir® herbicide. The Savannah team had conducted nearly 500 demonstrations, reaching more than 17,000 farmers through field visits and demonstrations.
Despite being among the top rice-producing states, rice farmers in Chhattisgarh face a significant challenge from wild rice, which grows alongside regular rice and is almost indistinguishable until the kernels begin to bud. This wild variety can reduce yields by 25 to 30 percent. Herbicides are not a viable solution because they also harm regular rice, making manual weeding the only effective method. Manual weeding is labor-intensive and costly, ranging from Rs 6,000 to Rs 10,000 per acre.
Ajai Rana, Chairman of FSII and Managing Director and CEO of Savannah Seeds said, “The FullPage® cropping solution will bring about a revolution in rice cultivation by addressing the critical issue of weed management. It not only enhances farmers’ incomes but also conserves water, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thus safeguarding our environment for future generations.”
“We’re thrilled to partner with RiceTec in introducing the FullPage® Rice Cropping Solution to India. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions for rice farmers, tailored to their needs,” said Sahin Ozkan, CEO of ADAMA India. He further explained, “FullPage® not only tackles weed management challenges but also promotes sustainability, aligning with the most advanced agricultural practices in the world. With its advanced technology and benefits like reduced groundwater usage and increased yields, FullPage® offers a new approach to rice cultivation. We’re dedicated to supporting the adoption of FullPage® among Indian farmers.”
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