Scientists 3D Print World’s Most Expensive Lab Beef Without Killing A Cow

September 15, 2021 Gubba Frozen In E News

Simply put, consuming beef in India is a complicated matter. But what if you could actually eat beef without killing or even hurting cows, cattle or any bovine animals and still experience the same flavours? It sounds too good to be true, but apparently this lab-grown beef without killing cattle is now a reality. Researchers from Osaka University have made world-renowned ‘Wagyu’ beef with the help of cow stem cells and culturing the meat in the lab, followed by 3D printing it to get unique layers, resembling the expensive Japanese meat. 3D Printing Beef In A Lab This is a kind of cultured meat, where the meat, instead of being sourced from an animal after killing it, is actually grown in a laboratory using two kinds of stem cells — bovine satellite cells and adipose-derived stem cells from its body fat.
Then these cells were cultured in perfect lab conditions and these two cells can be manipulated to grow into every type of cell that’s required to make cultured meat. Scientists, with the help of bioprinting, created individual fibres, muscle fat as well as blood vessels.
These were later arranged in a 3D structure following the conventional structure of recreating the authentic Wagyu meat. This was then cut in a perpendicular manner. While cultured meat is not a unique concept, 3D printing cells to get the layers made like Wagyu meat is surely the first of its kind. While mass production of this is still far away, this lab grown beef would help reduce the impact of cattle farming on our planet, as well as prevent animals from being killed for food.

Source – IndiaTimes

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