“Seed is the Basis of Agriculture,” Dr. Himanshu Pathak, DG of ICAR at AGM of Federation of Seed Industry of India

The 6th Annual General Meeting & Annual Session of the Federation of Seed Industry of India was held today at ICAR Lecture Hall, NASC Complex, Pusa, New Delhi.
The Federation of Seed Industry of India is an association of R&D-based ethical plant science industry comprising 40 members engaged in producing high-quality seeds for food, feed, and fiber in the country. Some of the well-known members of FSII are Bayer, Corteva Agriscience, East-West Seed India, HY Veg, and Metahelix.
Many prominent personalities and industry leaders attended the AGM of FSII. The welcome address was given by Dr. M Ramasami, Chairman, Rasi Seeds Pvt Ltd, and Chairman, FSII.
Several panel discussions were held and many eminent speakers of the session provided insights on some of the rising issues in the agriculture sector.
Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Secretary DARE & DG, ICAR who was the chief guest of this event expressed his gratitude towards social media and the digital world and mentioned that we have to work very hard in the next 4 to 5 years to ensure to meet our target by 2047, 25 years from now. He said we have found Indian seeds being used in other countries without any Indian government agreement thanks to social media as in this digital world such things can’t be hidden.
He further said, “India post 75 years of independence is now poised to become a developed nation. The base of development in India is Agriculture. Innovation in agriculture has solved many problems and will have to address many more issues faced by the farmers.”
He also invited players from the industry to come up with ideas and find a common ground where the industry and ICR could come together.
In continuation, Dr. Pathak stated that seed is the basis of agriculture and can be improved and shared with farmers. The seed industry has played a critical role in agriculture and will continue to bring critical technology for farmers’ benefit.
Dr. Pathak underlined the strength of the vast extension network of the private seed sector and the immense infrastructure of ICAR. He said it should be leveraged for addressing all the challenges faced by the farmer and food supply chain.
Michael Keller, Secretary General, International Seed Federation (ISF), said that India is making a lot of progress in agriculture. No country is independent in seeds, seeds move from one country to another and from one region to the next.
“India needs a science-based policy to smoothen seed movement benefitting the seed sector as well as farmers in India. India exported seeds worth USD 180M last year & has the potential to grow more with right policy & infrastructure support,” he further stated.
Dr. Siang Hee Tan, Executive Director, CropLife Asia said “Seed policy should differentiate between small, medium holder farmers. Also, technology should be made available to all farmers across regions.”
Dr. Mariano Behren, Minister Agriculture Attaché, Embassy of Argentina, put forward the need for technology to find solutions for challenges posed by climate change. He said it was an opportunity for the breeders and seed industry.
Santosh Attavar, Chairman & MD, Indo American Hybrid Seeds and Vice chairman, ISF, observed that the Seed industry & policymakers should converge to provide solutions for a multitude of problems including improving the nutritive diversity on our plate, and inclusion of youth in agri.
About Federation of Seed Industry of India
FSII is affiliated with International associations including International Seed Federation (ISF), The Asia Pacific Seed Association (APSA), and Croplife Asia (CLA).
In addition to working for the welfare of Indian agriculture, FSII members are motivated by the core values of respecting the research and intellectual property rights of associate members of the seed industry. The actions of FSII member companies are founded on ethical business practices, mutual trust, respect for one another’s intellectual property, and upholding contract obligations.
The FSII members account for about 56% of the market and 70% of the R&d spending in the Indian seed sector.
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