Sid’s Farm: A dairy farm that provides farm-fresh milk to consumers at their doorstep

Passionate about agriculture and inspired by his farming grandparents, A US returnee Dr. Kishore Indukuri, discovered a compelling interest in dairy farming while exploring opportunities in the field. His motivation stemmed from a desire to address the issue of poor-quality milk.
In 2013, with a herd of 20 cows, Kishore set up Sid’s Farm, a dairy enterprise dedicated to delivering farm-fresh milk directly to consumers’ doorsteps in Tallapally, Shadnagar – Chevella Road. The venture originated from a promise Kishore made to his son to provide pure milk to consumers, and he has stayed true to his commitment.
Kishore emphasizes that the work of milking cows, packaging milk, and ensuring its distribution was demanding, requiring long hours without any days off throughout the year. Initially, finding enough workers posed a challenge, but with determination, Sid’s Farm overcame these obstacles and now produces ample milk to meet the demand.
Spread across 2.5 acres of land, Sid’s Farm encompasses a 4,000 square foot milk processing facility and a model dairy farm on an additional 1.5 acres. The farm collaborates with other farmers and provides veterinary care for their livestock. Presently, Sid’s Farm employs 200 individuals across various roles. To guarantee the delivery of the finest quality milk, the company conducts multiple tests daily. Once the milk passes the rigorous testing, it undergoes pasteurization, chilling, and is then delivered directly to customers.
Kishore wants to enhance milk production due to the consistent demand for their product. Each day, the milk undergoes testing based on 26 different parameters. Sid’s Farm ensures that their milk is free from thickeners, preservatives, and antibiotics. It is rigorously tested for three types of antibiotics, hormones, and additives such as urea, sugar, salt, glucose, hydrogen peroxide, melanin, caustic soda, formalin, and baking soda before it leaves the premises.
To engage with customers, Sid’s Farm reaches out to apartment communities, offering free milk samples to residents. They also organize farm tours, providing customers with the opportunity to witness the milk production process and the quality tests conducted. The farm believes in transparency, ensuring that customers are aware of the origin and production methods of their milk. This approach has significantly contributed to building a strong brand image.
Kishore advises aspiring entrepreneurs to begin by selling milk within their local area. Once they establish a market, they can expand their operations. He stresses the importance of ensuring product purity, implementing proper processing and packaging, collaborating with farmers to scale up production, engaging in community marketing, and establishing efficient logistics for deliveries.
Source: Telanganatoday

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