Solving Cold Chain Industry Challenges

June 16, 2021 Gubba Seed In E News

Cold Chain industry is facing complex challenges from very long time, namely:

  • unorganized and fragmented service providers in the cold chain
  • lack of end-to-end visibility into the performance of cold chains
  • inflexible cold chains
  • product spoilage and wastage due to inefficient cold chains

Today most monitoring solutions are catering to silo-based applications catering to one segment in the chain with many gaps in end-to-end visibility from Factory till the Customer delivery. Many times, this has become biggest challenge and consuming lot of manual effort in doing the follow-up with each segment in the shipment about its status, temperature values of the consignment and issues that are faced like hold up etc. Due to this, the issues are blown out of proportion after customer receives the shipment and at times, its causing heavy losses and penalties and occasionally business loss with rejection of consignments due to temperature excursions.

Kii , Japanese IoT platform company with HQ in Tokyo with several locations across the globe,  solves some of these core problems faced today in the Industry by way of Introducing a solution covering both cold chain customers as well as cold chain providers with its integrated & adaptive cold chain monitoring solution

The core of the solution gives the power to shippers to create the cold chain selecting the right service providers in the chain using the application called as “Kii Direct” which integrates several players within the cold chain. Kii Direct not only helps in creating the cold chain but aso can help in managing towards getting very flexible cold chains.

The Kii Direct service was announced at the India Cold Chain Show 2019 in Mumbai and introduced to number of customers across India and targeted to cater for cold chain users and providers in Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Retail sectors.

Cold chain customers benefit from

• the ability to discover appropriate providers in the marketplace (called as Kii Direct) and use them to create flexible cold chains
• end-to-end detailed visibility into cold chain operations
• adaptive and predictive capabilities that further improve cold chain operations

On the services there are several challenges catering to utilization, high grade state of the art monitoring technology. To address these challenges faced by Service providers, Kii has come out with solution called as Kii Ready with core purpose is to technology
Enable the cold storage and transportation providers. Further their visibility helps enabling them to participate in Market place i.e. Kii Direct for Shippers selection.

With Kii Ready solution, Cold storage and transportation providers benefit from
(A) Significantly improved market presence and discoverability (without additional marketing
spend) thanks to the organized marketplace Kii Direct provides
(B) Additional revenue and customers (without additional sales expense) and
(C) State-of-the-art IoT technology with the Kii Ready service.

Ideabytes, based in Hyderabad is a strategic partner to Kii. Ideabytes with 12+ years of Industry experience in Deploying IoT solutions with required local customizations and technical manpower with IoT specialist for service support in PAN India basis.

” Masanari Arai, CEO of Kii elaborating on this solution “Having studied the Cold Chain industry closely and having understood the significant problems it faces, we embarked on a mission to
solve them in a comprehensive way for both sides of the market – the customers and providers – and today I am very happy to serve to Global customers with our solutions and closely working with Gubba in expanding the solution beyond their cold storage to many customers and transport companies in adopting this Technology”

“The Kii Direct service’s dual mission of organizing the highly fragmented cold storage and transportation provider market while at the same time solving the end-to-end visibility problem for cold chain customers is a really admirable and a much-needed solution for the industry today.” said Kiran Gubba, CEO of Gubba Group. “We’re excited to be a part of this initiative as an early adopter of this Technology”. Gubba has been using this technology over 18 months and as been big difference in overall monitoring towards Pharma and Agriculture customers.
About Kii:
Kii is a technology company solving cold chain problems with innovative Internet of Things (IoT) platform & solutions. Kii helps companies build, monitor, analyze and optimize their cold chain processes with a combination of hardware, software and services. Kii lowers the barriers in technology adoption for both cold chain customers and providers alike, enabling them to leverage the latest innovations in a ‘service’ model, reducing the upfront capital investment
requirements. Kii’s cold chain focus spans food, logistics, retail and pharmaceutical sectors. Kii is headquartered in Japan, with sales focus in Japan, USA and India. Contact: Phani Pandrangi, , +1 650 577 2340

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