SPH – 45 A new Paddy Hybrid launched by SUPER SEEDS

December 23, 2020 Seed

Super Seeds (P) LTD is a leading seed company of India. The company is involved not only in seed production of certified varieties/ hybrids but is also actively undertaking research and development activities in different field as well as vegetables and cash crops. The company has a battery of highly qualified scientists stationed at Hisar, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. The research team is headed by a highly qualified and well experienced personality Dr. H. P. Yadav, who is well known for his research and administrative ability. Under his able guidance the R & D team of Super Seeds has developed two new hybrids of paddy namely, SPH-45 and HEERA-21. Salient features of these hybrids are given below:

  1. SPH – 45: This is an extra ordinary paddy hybrid with 115 days to maturity. This hybrid combines rare qualities of extra early maturity with high and stable grain yield (25 to 35 q/ha depending upon climatic and management conditions), it has complete exertion of panicle, medium bold, attractive and mildly aromatic grains, medium tall, erect growth habit, excellent tillering capacity and well exerted panicles, high grain filling (>90%), more grains/Panicle (250-275), less water requirement and fits well in Rice, Vegetable, Potato and Wheat crop rotations.
  2. HEERA- 21 : This hybrid if of medium maturity group (125-130 days) and has Complete exertion of panicle, extra-long bold attractive mild aromatic rice, medium tall, erect growth habit, excellent tillering potential and well exerted panicles, High Grain filling >90% , more grains/Panicle (200-225 ) and very high yield potential (30-35 q/ha).
    Both of these hybrids have been tested not only at research farm but also on farmer’s fields across paddy growing states of the country. Farmers are very hopeful and enthusiastic about these extra ordinary hybrids.
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