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January 6, 2021 Pharma

Obesity or overweight is abnormal or excessive fat accumulation arising due to imbalance between energy intake and expenditure. WHO estimated that in 2016, about 39% of adults worldwide were overweight and 13% were obese. The trend has witnessed an alarming increase over the last few years, with hardly any country reporting a decline in obesity rate. It is now estimated that two of five adults in Asia Pacific region are overweight or obese.
Joining the infamous league of silent killers, Obesity is detrimental to one’s health. It is estimated that atleast 2.8 million people die each year, as a result of being overweight or obese. Obesity is known to be a key risk factor for several chronic diseases as Type 2 Diabetes, High BP, coronary heart diseases, and others as musculoskeletal disorders and few cancers. ‘Diabesity’, indicating co-existence of both diabetes and obesity, is even more alarming.
Obesity not only has adverse health effects, but is also harsh on individuals and their families due to associated physical, mental, emotional and financial burden. Though various approaches including lifestyle modifications have been suggested for obesity management, there have been many obstacles to weight loss. One of the major obstacles to weight loss is excess calorie consumption, especially from high‐fat foods. Effective strategies to reduce energy intake are either to reduce energy consumption or block the absorption of consumed foods and energy.
Some natural and pharmaceutical interventions have shown promise targeting these pathways, but many times with less than impressive results or unwanted side effects. However, usage of Alpha-cyclodextrin is becoming increasingly popular owing to its promising results.
Alpha-cyclodextrin, water soluble dietary fibre derived from corn starch, has been recognized as a natural fat binder. It has been shown to form a stable complex with dietary fat which is resistant to normal lipolytic hydrolysis by lipases thereby reducing its absorption. Additionally, the fibre-fat complex does not appear to be accessible to the human gut flora, thus resulting in absence of gastrointestinal side effects, normally associated with weight loss products that cause fat malabsorption. The most commonly available dosage form of alpha-cyclodextrin is tablet.
‘Stir n Sip’ is an innovative product from Converge Biotech, containing alpha-cyclodextrin in dry powder form that transforms to a delicious tomato-flavoured soup on addition of hot water. The innovative dosage form is world’s first, and overcomes the pitfalls associated with tablet form.
Each sachet contains 2 grams of alpha-cyclodextrin, which can bind up to nine times of dietary fat. The product is also known to raise key weight loss hormones, while lowering cholesterol levels and stabilizing blood sugar levels. The product is made using execbind technology, which offers greater binding affinity to saturated and trans fat in the diet. Stir n Sip is gluten free and enriched with pure ingredients that are naturally sourced and is stimulant free. It is recommended to consume it 30 minutes before a fat containing meal.
“Obesity or being overweight is an alarming problem that has taken the shape of pandemic, and has affected people across all age-categories. Though, its management is of paramount importance to prevent associated adverse health effects, it becomes increasingly important in case of Diabesity, to prevent worsening of health condition. We are really excited to announce the launch of Stir n Sip which brings the goodness of alpha-cyclodextrin is an innovative solution that helps in weight management, while offering the goodness of a soup. The product will certainly revolutionize the weight management category,” quoted Partha Roy Choudhury, COO at Converge Biotech.
The product has proven efficacy for over a decade in clinical and pre-clinical trials, with no reported side effects. It is approved by FDA GRAS and FSSAI. It is recommended for usage in patients who are obese or overweight, diet restricted, or having hyperlipidaemia. It is also safe for usage by weight watchers. Stir n Sip will be available for purchase on leading retailers, e-tailers Amazon and Flipkart, and will also be available for direct purchase via company’s official website.


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