November 18, 2020 Seed

Super Seeds (P) LTD, A leading seed company of Norh India has developed and commercialized a new bajra hybrid SBH -82. This hybrid will be a ray of hope for farming community in the 50 % of the total bajra growing areas of the country. This hybrid has been specially developed by keeping in view the research objective with development of extra early hybrid which can fit well in the growing ecology of rainfed areas. SBH has a rare combination of extra early maturity with high grain yield in rainfed as well as irrigated conditions of bajra growing conditions of the country. It matures in 60-65 days depending upon availability of rain or irrigation and soil type. On an average  under rainfed conditions it yielded 23 q/ha  as against 16 q/ha of HHB 67 Improved the most popular hybrid  of  A1 zone (less than 200 mm rainfall) area of the country. It is highly resistant to downy mildew disease. It has typical conical to cylindrical and very compact ear head. It has high protein content and has testy riti. Grains are of amber grey and medium bold in size. It was tested in about 100 front line demonstrations of one acre each in the arid zone of Rajasthan, during kharif, 2020. The trials were conducted through SKRAU, Bikaner. The company organised a number of farmers field days in collaboration with the SKRAU scientists. The university Director of Research, Dr. P.S. Sekhawat specially visited the fields and has put in record that this hybrid is most suited in areas with low to scanty rainfall. The farmers are very enthusiastic for this hybrid. The Company has produced sufficient quantity of seed of this hybrid for sale during kharif, 2021.

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