Super maize hybrids from Kaveri Seeds

November 4, 2020 Seed

Kaveri Seeds is recognized as a maize company because of their long term presence in that crop across the country and segments.
Kaveri Seeds is now a multi crop champion, and has a balanced portfolio of hybrids rice, bajra, sunflower & cotton. Kaveri’s cotton hybrid Jadoo achieved the highest ever single hybrid sales.
Kaveri Seeds is constantly upgrading their offer basket of maize. It has a strong genetics and experienced R&D team under the leadership of Dr Prabir Paul.
During last Kharif, Kaveri released two premium hybrids KMH 8333 & KMH 8322.
These two hybrids have very high shelling percentage. Excellent kernel set and attractive orange colour. These hybrids are suitable for a 24-k planting density per acre.
Company is going for a big launch during this Rabi- after a nationwide successful trials and demos.

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