Syngenta Crop Protection acquires two bioinsecticides from UK developer

February 1, 2022 Gubba Seed In E News

Syngenta Crop Protection has acquired two bioinsecticides, NemaTrident and UniSpore, to combat increasing resistance and a wide range of insects and pests across horticulture and ornamentals, turf amenity, and forestry, giving customers even greater choice. Syngenta Crop Protection is acquiring the patents and trademarks for both NemaTrident and UniSpore, and the UniSpore registration dossier, and will have full global development and commercialization rights for the assets. This is an important step in building a world-leading biologicals portfolio in Syngenta Professional Solutions and opens the opportunity for expansion in biocontrol solutions for crop protection. UniSpore is an innovation based on a naturally occurring microorganism (insect pathogenic fungus). It offers an exciting solution for vine weevil control in ornamentals, where growers across Europe have limited insecticide options. It is currently in the early registration process.
NemaTrident, a patented, insect pathogenic nematode solution, is an important addition to Syngenta Professional Solutions’ Turf portfolio and is particularly effective against leather jackets and other pests. The tri-component solution incorporates Nemaspreader, a biocompatible surfactant, that delivers market-leading efficacy. Already available to customers, NemaTrident is also used in horticulture and forestry to control a number of damaging insects. Dr. Minshad Ansari, Founder and CEO of Bionema, said, “We are proud to have developed the solutions, NemaTrident and UniSpore. As our focus is on innovation and the discovery of next generation solutions, we are pleased that Syngenta Crop Protection has acquired these technologies so they can be made globally available for customers seeking additional sustainable solutions.” “We are delighted to acquire these technologies from Bionema and leverage our scale and reach to put these innovations into the hands of our customers,” Simon Elsworth, Head of Syngenta Professional Solutions Europe, Africa & the Middle East, said. “This acquisition underlines our commitment to building a broad range of sustainable solutions to solve complex problems and strengthens Syngenta’s position as a leader in the turf and ornamentals markets.”

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