Syngenta presents new colorful set of peppers

April 20, 2022 Gubba Seed In E News

In February Peter Colbers gave a sneak preview of Syngenta’s newest pepper varieties in yellow and green. Syngenta can now finally announce the names of these varieties. In yellow it is Yelsto (Y08951) and in green it is Botiful (PR010215). These varieties have shown excellent results recently. At this moment, a number of companies have already filled their greenhouses with these varieties.
According to Syngenta, Yelsto (Y08951) covers the whole picture. This yellow pepper variety is productive, strong against internal rot and easy when it comes to labour. Moreover, the variety has a stable fruit weight and excellent shelf life. Currently, Syngenta is creating several videos during the season to give the grower a good idea of its strong characteristics.
Botiful (PR010215) is the newcomer in green. This variety is characterized by its easy setting and rapid outgrowth. Another advantage is that the color of this variety is slow. Furthermore, Botiful is generative, gives a high fruit weight and has an easy setting.
Syngenta is not only working hard in yellow and green, but is also seeing good results in orange and red. There are many trials in progress for these colors.
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