Syngenta releases 2022 WeevilTrak assurance program

March 16, 2022 Gubba Seed In E News

Syngenta has announced 2022 guarantee control for ABW, all white grub species and turf caterpillars with the WeevilTrak assurance program. To qualify for the assurance, superintendents must be registered WeevilTrak users and apply the recommended rates of Acelepryn, Ference, Provaunt WDG or Scimitar GC insecticides as outlined in the assurance.Along with the assurance, WeevilTrak continues to feature monitoring updates, digital tools and ongoing insights from researchers via the WeevilTrak blog. The resources are valuable for targeting ABW at different life stages with properly timed product applications with different modes of action. 
“Proper application timing is absolutely critical for successful ABW control,” said Dr. Mike Agnew, technical services manager for Syngenta. “The treatment protocol outlined in the assurance, in conjunction with WeevilTrak alerts and independent scouting, provides the strongest protection all season.”
In addition to the assurance, Syngenta added monitoring sites in two states for the 2022 season
Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Virginia
Cannon Golf Club in Lothian, Maryland

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