The Life journey of a Successful seed man on completing 30 Years in seed industry

June 10, 2020 Seed

-A journey of a field asst to Global director – Supply chain.

Early Life, Education & Professional Carrier
Born in India on 9th Feb 1966, Ramesh Cheruku after completing his school education, went on to graduate in ‘Agriculture’ from Andhra Pradesh Agriculture University, Hyderabad and joined Pioneer Seeds as a ‘Field Assistant’. During the journey , completed 3TP from IIM Ahmadabad , Supply Chain Management from INSEAD & currently pursuing GMPE from IIM Indore .
Ramesh pursued his interests and took on increasingly diverse set of progressive tasks as time went on and now has around three decades of wide-ranging experience in Supply Chain Function with Ag Industry giants such as Pioneer Seeds, Cargil-Monsanto, Syngenta, and existing role as ‘Global Director Supply chain’ at Advanta. He worked in various leadership positions in Asia pacific region Thailand and globally. He was a core team member of Global Corn Production strategies in Syngenta and has also served as Vice president , Board of Director in Syngenta India & Seed supply lead at Monsanto-Thailand.
Ramesh joined ADVANTA India in 2015, then moved to ADVANTA Dubai in 2018. He is also a member of Advanta Leadership Team. In his endeavors Ramesh has developed a massive portfolio of personal and professional skills and has created a vast competitive advantage to Advanta India.
A Mentor
Given the phenomenal opportunities that Supply Chain offers for personal and professional growth it is a career path which he highly recommends to anyone. The fantastic thing about working in Supply Chain is that it is so broad based and extensive and literally has something for everyone to fulfil their goals and objectives says Ramesh. He simply loves to have the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and in different countries around the world. With right level of expertise and leadership, he has been a perfect mentor to his entire team with a holistic approach in promoting their understanding, designing and managing end-to-end global Supply Chains.

As an innovative thinker with an uncanny business acumen, his flexibility and his boundless appetite for finding new ways to enhance quality production by minimizing costs & maximizing profit margins, Ramesh has successfully;
• Introduced large vendor concepts in Indian field production resulting in cost effectiveness and high-quality production.
• Introduced post-harvest technology like ‘Corn Drying’ and laid the foundation for mechanization.
• Launched Toll Seed Production
• Played a key role in establishing state of the art seed drying and seed conditioning facilities.
• Built a strong foundation in producing many seed professionals in the supply chain management.

Contribution to the society
With his passion for community development and Ag business, and the joint efforts of his team he has won the Global Health & Safety Award for a noble cause in developing safe and healthy living conditions to the rural communities. (Syngenta Me & Mine Program) including the Global Safety Award for the Corn drying facility at Monsanto-Eluru.
His numerous charitable initiatives include providing scholarships to the poor and the needy, donating books, bags and uniforms. Has constructed community shelters in villages, organized various medical camps and veterinary camps, donated huge piece of land to construct a school building and has built a temple at his home town.
Ramesh sincerely feels that his successful journey would simply not have been possible without the dedicated support of his family. His family whole heartedly has extended their support to convert his dream into reality.
It remains to be seen whether Ramesh’s extraordinary success will guarantee him a lasting place in the pantheon of established leaders in Seeds industry worldwide.

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