This is where world’s most expensive paneer is sold at Rs. 70,000 for 1 kg

  1. Did you know world’s most expensive paneer costs around Rs 70K for 1Kg
    Can you imagine paying Rs. 70, 000 for just 1 kg paneer? If not, then read on as we share a glimpse of the world’s most expensive cottage cheese and what’s so special about it.
  2. What’s so special about Serbian Cheese?
    Cheese aficionado’s swear by the taste and texture of this super expensive cheese, but what makes it so expensive is the use of donkey’s milk. Yes, you read it right, donkey’s milk is used in the production of this cheese, which is believed to be the most delicious and expensive cheese/paneer all around the world.
  3. All for the love of world’s most expensive paneer
    Indians absolutely love paneer and it is impossible to imagine Indian celebrations and occasions without a delicacy made with soft, fluffy paneer.
    Whether you are a fan of this delicious cottage cheese or not, the price of the world’s most expensive paneer will literally leave you surprised. This paneer/ cottage cheese is also known as Serbian cheese, which is priced at £800 (approx Rs 70,000) for just one kilo. But what exactly makes this cheese so damn expensive! Let’s find out…
  4. What makes this cheese so freaking expensive?
    Priced at £800(approx Rs 70,000) for 1 kilogram, this freaking expensive paneer/cheese is produced at Zasavica – one of Serbia’s most famous natural reserves. This cheese is also known as Pule, which is made using donkeys’ milk.
    As per a report published in the Daily Mail, it is mentioned that around 25 liters of fresh donkey milk is churned and processed to make just 1 kilogram of this cheese, this is why it is the most expensive cheese in the world.
  5. What makes this cheese so rare and popular?
    The rich, creamy and crumbly texture and taste of this cheese resembles a lot to paneer, but the ingredient makes it super expensive. According to studies donkey milk is loaded with protein, which has great antimicrobial effects. In fact, consumption of this milk can reduce stomach ailments caused by viruses and bacteria. This milk is also good for bones and helps in boosting the growth of good bacteria and improves gut health.
    Would you like to try this super expensive paneer!
    Source: Timesofindia
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