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February 3, 2021 Frozen

World over “SOS” is a practice to act on crisis or emergency. However the terms SOS in food industry has been a negative conundrum. “SOS” in food industry stands for Salt – Oil – Sugar. All the three have been used as additive which has manifested as an addictive for recipes, taste and cost. Moreover globally the packed or processed food products are loaded with these additives more than the prescribed levels and this has been the primary reasons for the rise in lifestyle health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension etc. Food regulators across the world have been advocating and are restricting manufacturers to reduce the use of the “SOS” across the products. Emphasis is also made on labelling the products with proper declaration of ingredients along with average daily intake levels and avoid misleading the consumers. Consumers across the world have been demanding food products that are healthy and true to the label. However the industry is facing an imperative challenge to cut down SOS. Given the challenge faced by the food industry, we at Ecovitals Lifestyle Products Pvt Ltd (“Ecovitals”) are envisioned to be a force to reckon, in creating no added sugar products “that are true to the label” sustainable, affordable for customers to nurture life. We are on a mission to help consumer to carve a healthy lifestyle from nature by developing no added sugar products and help the world to reduce the sugar intake in the food that is consumed. About Us… Ecovitals Lifestyle Products Pvt Ltd (“Ecovitals”) is a company incorporated in 2017 in India and has been a manufacturer of stevia based sweeteners for replacing sugar in various food products. Ecovitals has focused on both B2B and B2C segments to achieve it’s vision. Over the last three years, Ecovitals has been supplying customized stevia formulations, blends and premixes to various manufacturers of food products. We have mastered the art of formulating stevia based sweeteners for different food applications such as:  Baking – cookies / pastries / breads / tarts / cakes  Beverage – Coffee / tea / Lattes / Mocktails / fruit based / fruit concentrates / millet based health drinks / protein shakes & smoothies  Confectioneries – Chocolates / candies  Spreads – jams, marmalades, sauces, ketchups and protein based spreads  Traditional Indian Sweets  Icecreams & Gelatos So what is Stevia? Stevia is an herb that is used as a sugar-substitute in many parts of the world. Stevia sweetener is produced from Stevia rebaudiana, a plant (chrysanthemum) native to South America, known for its sweet taste. The native tribes of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina called stevia, “ka’a he’ê” — meaning a sweet leaf, or candy leaf. The Native American tribes have been using the leaves for its nutritional values, as a medicinal herb, and a sweet element in their food, for many centuries. Stevia leaves has more than 10 components called as glycosides. Of these, Rebaudioside A (“Reb A”) is the sweetest component and is found in higher concentration compared to other components in the leaf. Reb A is extracted through a solvent extraction process, followed by column separation to isolate Reb A from other components. In its purest form, Reb A is four hundred times sweeter than sugar. Unlike glucose, fructose or dextrose, Reb A is a large molecule and doesn’t get absorbed into the blood stream. Hence it doesn’t affect the blood insulin levels and hence classified as a zero glycemic index sweetener. It doesn’t give out calories on consumption. Hence Reb A is considered as a zero calorie sweetener as well. Reb A is stable at high temperature and is found ideal for cooking and baking purpose. Also Reb A is tested and proven that it doesn’t have any side effects on consumption. After detailed testing, Global food regulators such as USFDA, WHO, ESFA, FSSAI etc…have approved Reb A to be used as a sugar alternative and it has been classified under GRAS category (Generally Recommended As Safe). Given that Reb A is 400 times sweeter than sugar, we would need to add Reb A in 1/400th of the portion of sugar in food formulation. This is a challenge for food manufacturers because replacing sugar will also reduce the weight or output of the final product. Hence we generally blend Reb A with non-nutritive fillers such as polyols (erythritol, xylitol, isomalt, inulin etc.). The different combination of blends of Reb A with polyols will give different properties in the final food products and Ecovitals has mastered the art of formulating the right kind of blend required for various food application.

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